With the introduction of the ATS compact performance sedan, hailed as Cadillac's lightest product to date, and the ELR plug-in hybrid coupe, some might be concerned that the brand is losing its reputation for big, bold products. Not to worry, Cadillac marketing chief Don Butler assured Automotive News. Butler told the magazine the Escalade isn't going anywhere, and the next-generation model, expected to debut at about the same time as the next-generation Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon full-size SUVs, will be as big and bold as ever.

At one point, there was speculation that the Escalade could eventually transition onto GM's Lambda platform, which underpins the Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, and GMC Acadia. Although a Lambda-based Caddy crossover could still be coming, it won't replace the Escalade.

Butler said Cadillac is taking a big-tent approach with its future product line, with something for everyone. "If someone wants to make a technological statement and associate with a company that's environmentally responsible, then the ELR will be perfect for them. But if someone wants a no-compromises, biggest, most comfortable, baddest-looking vehicle on the road, then we'll have that for them as well."

Source: Automotive News