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I think the question posed by the article only looks a single dimension: MPG of the Hybrid vs the 2.0TFSI. The more thoughtful analysis considers the hybrid provides the same performance as the V6 (3.0TFSI or TDI). A Prestige trimmed 3.0TFSI costs more than the Hybrid. According to, the Hybrid saves $500 per year over the 3.0TFSI. So the Hybrid costs less and saves $500 (according to the EPA) a year in fuel. That's a no brainer. Roll in the TDI which is likely to have a bigger price tag and equal Hwy fuel economy and the Hybrid still has the advantage in fuel cost saving (gas vs diesel) and superior city fuel economy. So the Hybrid still maintains an economic advantage of the TDI (paper tiger). Of course, the Hybrid has superior C02 performance over all the Audi Q5 models, fuel economy and C02 over BMW X models and is cheaper than the Lexus hybrid (the Q5 also has an EV capability the Lexus lacks). All told, the Q5 Hybrid has solid advantages to the thinking buyer.

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