For those who were wondering what a police-ready Durango would be like, Dodge answers that question for 2014. This is the new Special Service model, designed for use by police and fire departments, as well as for fleet customers. The advantages it would provide for these groups is that it offers the capability of a full-size, rear-drive (or all-wheel-drive) SUV, plus the improved fuel economy of the eight-speed automatic transmission -- as high as 25 mpg -- and it can tow as much as 7400 pounds.

"The 2014 Dodge Durango Special Service model is a state-of-the-art resource for fleet customers," said Peter Grady, vice president of Network Development and Fleet Operations. "It's been specifically designed for the demands and rigors of fleet duty. It joins the Dodge Charger Pursuit sedan and Ram 1500 Special Service truck currently available to government fleet customers."

As you would expect, the Special Service model of the Durango comes with heavy-duty features unique to the Special Service, including a special heavy-duty brake package, battery, water pump and engine oil cooler, larger-output 220-amp alternator, and a load-leveling suspension. Other cool features that are also unique to the Special Service are a customizable rear cargo area with underfloor storage compartments and additional storage in the side compartments. If agencies are interested in more mods, they can get a special service headliner, with a red-and-white interior dome lamp and spot lamp wiring prep package. Also available are skidplates for AWD models, rear back-up camera, trailer towing group, engine block heater, and Uconnect.

If an agency or fleet customer is interested in buying the Durango Special Service, Chrysler Group fleet operations is taking orders now. Production is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2013 at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit.

Source: Dodge