Dear Truck Trend,

Regarding the "Deja Vu" piece in Truck Trend in the November/December issue ("Truck Trend Garage"), I thought I'd pass this along: Unfortunately, mention wasn't made about whether or not the high-pitched whine varied with engine rpm, which would have been a helpful clue. But I had this same issue way back when with another GM product, and it turned out to be stray electronic noise being picked up in the radio circuitry. It did go away if the radio was totally turned off (another helpful clue missing in the above piece). So, if disconnecting the drive belt disconnects the alternator, that might be the cause. In my case, a "line choke" shunting the unwanted signal to ground was the solution.

Scott Oakley
Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Reader,

Thanks for the suggestion! We hope the person who was originally dealing with this problem has the opportunity to read this. If not, it could certainly help other GM owners who may be dealing with the same problem.

-Truck Trend

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