Dear Truck Trend,

I'm looking forward to next year, when the new Suburban/Yukon XL models come out. I'm in the market for one, and would order the 2500 model. I have read that GM will have a new eight-speed transmission out soon. Do you have any idea when? I suspect it would not be too far away, given that Ram has one now. I'd delay my purchase for a year if I could get the eight-speed.

Bob Lesh
Salem, Oregon

Dear Reader,

We were surprised the 2014 Silverado and Sierra didn't get an eight-speed automatic. GM explains that the six-speed in the pickup is an updated version of a well-proven transmission, and the company is happy with its performance. In addition, the fuel economy numbers in the trucks are excellent with it. The eight-speed GM has is currently built only for car applications. Chevrolet and GMC unveiled their new full-size SUVs, and it's no surprise they have the same powertrains—and transmission—as the Silverado and Sierra. We don't expect the SUVs to get the eight-speed, but even if they do, it's not likely to be available in the next year or so.

-Truck Trend

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