Dear Truck Trend,

Your magazine enjoys a large and growing international readership, so what about a regular page covering the news on international trucks? Outside of the States, there are many good and popular vehicles used. New ones are also being developed that are groundbreaking both in design and the use of technology, and are not available in the USA. Diesel engine innovation is particularly strong. Not only would such coverage allow your international readers to know what is "just around the corner" from the likes of Mitsubishi, VW, Isuzu, Nissan, and Toyota, among many others, but also allow your U.S. readers to know what American manufacturers -- Ford, GM, and Chrysler -- are offering in global markets and keeping from its domestic customers. What do you think?

Paul Wilson

Dear Reader,

We're all for it! We see what's going on around the world -- we want the Amarok and global Ranger to come to North America, and hope small diesel engines can come here as well. It might be time to start reporting more of the latest truck news from around the world. Not only would that serve our international readers, as you mentioned, but it could also indicate what could (or should) be coming to America in the future.

-Truck Trend

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