Dear Truck Trend,

I really enjoyed your interview with Mike Sweers at Toyota (Truck Trend, September/October 2013). I have owned nearly every truck made, full-size and midsize. (The only exception is Nissan, due to the look of the front grille. Sorry, but when I consider buying a truck, two things have to happen -- it has to look good, and I have to feel good driving it.) I agreed with everything Mike had to say. But at this time in my life, a big truck is not the way I want to go. What I would like to see is Toyota redesign the Tacoma seats. It's one of the trucks that makes sense at this point in my life. But having owned one previously, I will wait until they lower the floor 2 inches and raise the seat 1 inch. I am 6 foot 1, and have a problem with my back. I have to be able to sit with my knees bent. Their current arrangement isn't comfortable during the hour-and-a-half trip to my mother's house. My wife has the same complaint, but also feels the seats are rock hard. So can you relay this message? Let's get more comfortable in the Tacoma, and keep everything else.

Dale Wille
Waterloo, Iowa

Dear Reader,

Thanks for the input. As is the case with all the automakers, Toyota is intensely interested in customer input, and we're sure they appreciate what you have to say about the Tacoma's seats.

-Truck Trend

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