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I have the opportunity to use a pickup off-road on a daily basis. I think Chevy could make a better case for a more capable off-road Z71 package to compete with the Raptor instead of (or in addition to) a High Country version to go head to head with the King Ranch and Laramie Longhorn. I work on a farm in a rural area of Idaho where the farms are progressive, and as such, so are the buying habits of the farmers. Over the last few years, the Ford Raptor has been selling well in the area, and is being put to the test. The farmers love them over washboard desert roads. Many have traded their luxury diesel trucks in favor of the unbelievable stock off-road capability of the Raptor. We use Z71s on our farm, but the introduction of the Raptor has caused more than one spirited family dinner conversation. An updated Z71 package that could more closely compete with the Raptor sure would help out on the extreme washboard roads we navigate here daily, and could steal some sales from the Raptor. .

Dustin Allen
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Dear Reader,

That's a great idea for the new Silverado! While the Z71 name has been well established in the truck world as a specific type of suspension and option package, the company could come up with a new designation for something more like the Raptor's suspension. We'd suggest calling it Z71 Ultimate.

-Truck Trend

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