At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Ford joins Chrysler, Honda, Subaru, Hyundai, and Porsche in announcing app integration of Aha by Harman. Aha is similar to Pandora, ClearChannel's iHeart Radio, and Tune In radio apps, but adds Facebook and Twitter news feeds and restaurant reviews, among other features. More than 30,000 audio channels are available, including more than 400 popular stations across the country.

Aha also includes Slacker integration, as well as audio books, and Aha's customized "Hungry," "Coffee," and "Hotel" stations. All this information is delivered in a driver-safe audible format, and the AppLink system and function can be activated through the press of a button on the steering wheel and voice commands. Android smartphones can use AppLink wirelessly over Bluetooth, while iPhones currently require a USB cable connection.

In addition to Aha, Ford also announced Glympse voice-activated location-sharing and Kaliki newspaper and magazine audio-reading apps to the AppLink lineup. All three apps are free on the iTunes and Google Play marketplaces.

AppLink capability is already in 1 million Ford vehicles on the road, including 2013 F-150, Super Duty, E-Series, Expedition and C-Max models, in addition to Ford's car models such as the Fusion, Fiesta, Focus, and Mustang.

Source: Ford