As if the pricing on the 2014 Sorento SUV was enough of an indication that Kia intends to keep pushing the brand upmarket, the sneak peek at the concept it plans to reveal at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show should be. Little is known about the Cross GT concept, other than its name, and that it's larger than the Sorento.

Based on the sketch provided, the rear portion shows some Sportage influence in the roofline and reverse rear quarter window angle, while the long front hood hint that it could have a longitudinal (i.e. rear-drive) powertrain.

There has been some speculation that subsequent to the departure of the Hyundai Veracruz, and its replacement in the Hyundai lineup with the seven-passenger long-wheelbase Santa Fe model, that it could open up room for a more upscale crossover offering from the Hyundai Group. The Cross GT could give a glimpse of what a premium crossover based on the Genesis/Quoris platform might look like.

Another potential possibility is that it could be the replacement for the Sedona minivan in the U.S. market, with Kia following the footsteps of many other automakers recently dropping their traditional minivan offerings for crossovers in the U.S. Whatever the Cross GT is, we'll get more details on this mysterious concept next week.

Source: Kia