Tell me if you've heard this one before, General Motors is working on a two-seat, car-based utility pickup for the U.S. market that will combine the agility and performance of a sport sedan with the cargo-carrying capacity of a midsize pickup. If that theme sounds familiar, it's because that's what was in the plans for the Pontiac G8 ST, the so-called "ute" variant of the G8 lineup, which itself was a rebadged Holden Commodore.

Prior to GM's bankruptcy, the G8 ST was part of the plan, with the company going so far as creating an online naming contest for the unique vehicle. The name ultimately decided on was....drumroll please...G8 ST.

With the unveiling of the Chevrolet SS performance sedan at the kickoff of the Daytona 500, GM is resurrecting the concept of importing its well-regarded rear-drive models from Australia for sale in the U.S. Volume projections for the SS are modest, with only about 20,000-25,000 unit sales a year expected.

GM North America chief Mark Reuss has also reportedly left the door cracked open for the importation of the handsome VF Commodore wagon variant as an extension of the SS line, but downplayed any expectations for a new El Camino.

What are your thoughts? Should GM finally make good on the stillborn promise of the G8 ST and bring us a proper new El Camino? Or was it a bad idea the first time around, and a worse idea now? Vote in our poll below!

Source: General Motors

Should GM Import the Holden VF Ute as a New Chevrolet El Camino?

  • Yes! I've been waiting forever for one!
  • No. Chevy already has the Silverado and Colorado.
  • Don't really care one way or the other.
  • No. It was a bad idea with the G8 ST, and it's a bad idea now.
  • I like the idea, but it won't sell enough to justify importing.
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