John Deere has produced light utility vehicles since the mid-1980s, but the company's early efforts were strictly utilitarian in nature. The growing popularity of more multi-use and recreational utility models prompted the company to introduce its line of Gator XUV so-called "crossover utility" vehicles in 2007. The vehicles have a greater focus on comfort and lifestyle accessories, to appeal to a broader customer base.

John Deere introduces the latest evolution of its Gator XUV line with the new S4 models, which add a second row of seats and four-passenger capability. Capability was not sacrificed, with the second-row seats folding down to create a flat loading area capable of a 400-pound payload in addition to the 1000-pound payload capacity in the cargo box. The S4 models' wheelbase is a significant 29 inches longer than the two-passenger models, at 108 inches, offering ample room for four adults. The S4 is available in the gas-powered 825i or diesel-powered 855D model. Power steering is standard on all S4 models.

All 2013 Gator XUV models add a larger seven-gallon fuel tank, dynamic downhill engine braking thanks to a new redesigned tight-belt CVT, and a digital fuel gauge. Power steering is optional for two-passenger XUV 825i and 855D models.

Source: John Deere