In the fast-paced age of social media in which we live today, it's hard to keep up with the latest developments, which can change on a minute-by-minute basis. If you were a follower of Jeep's Twitter account, you might have gotten the shocking update that the iconic SUV brand long-owned by Chrysler had just been sold to Cadillac, itself a division of crosstown rival General Motors.

This high-profile brand hijack follows the compromise of Burger King's Twitter account, in which the devious pranksters claimed the prominent fast-food chain had been purchased by archrival McDonald's. This is not that first time the popular micro-blogging social media network has been compromised, and unfortunately, probably not the last. With more and more high-profile corporate brands using the platform, the company has come under increasing pressure to improve security.

It's unknown where the hacks are originating from, although it's been reported a huge number of hacking attempts have originated from a specific building in Shanghai, China, which is owned by the Chinese military. However, it's believed most of China's alleged efforts are aimed at more strategic targets such as American corporate and defense networks.

Source: The Verge