The state of Oklahoma began delivery of the first of 242 Ram 2500 CNG trucks that it purchased for use in state-level vehicle fleets, particular the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, which will deploy the trucks for use on highway maintenance projects.

Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin was one of the key figures in putting together a multi-state bidding pool consisting of 22 states, allowing for more competitive purchasing power for the states that wish to buy natural-gas vehicles for state government fleets. Part of the reason for the purchase of the Ram CNG trucks is the fuel's lower cost relative to gasoline, as well as natural gas being a major part of the state's energy economy.

All the Ram CNG trucks purchased by the state were delivered through John Vance Motors of Guthrie, Oklahoma, north of Oklahoma City. As part of the multi-state CNG purchase coalition, 13 Ram Truck dealers have gotten contracts with 19 states to supply Ram CNG trucks to state fleets.

The Ram 2500 CNG is built in Saltillo, Mexico, and is the only CNG truck fully built and outfitted on the main factory line. The bi-fuel Ram 2500 CNG comes standard with an 8-gallon gasoline tank or an optional 35-gallon gasoline tank for extended-range driving.

Source: Chrysler