While Ford's F-150 was receiving major updates seemingly every other year, the Blue Oval's full-size SUVs, the Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition, continued to languish largely unchanged since their last major redesign for the 2007 model year. Well, after many years of neglect, the big SUVs are finally getting some attention.

Almost immediately after the EcoBoost V-6 was introduced in the F-150, questions and speculation from the automotive media started coming about its future availability in the SUVs. Ford had no official comment, until recently, when Lincoln global director Matt VanDyke said that the Navigator was most definitely going to get the EcoBoost, and could even offer the base 3.7-liter V-6 as an entry-level engine.

The prominent vent opening in the bumper is likely to feed more air to the EcoBoost's intercooler. Another giveaway to possible forced induction is the tacked-on A-pillar gauges, possibly housing a boost and/or EGT gauge.

Engine and powertrain aside, other changes for the Navigator are expected to be less radical. The front grille on this test mule is a hodge-podge of Expedition and Navigator pieces, with a central logo badge that looks to be off the Expedition, but with the Navigator's distinctively shaped hood and upper grille accent strip. It remains to be seen whether the production model adopts more of the MKZ's styling cues or continues to have its own unique look in the Lincoln lineup.

Source: Chris Doane Automotive