The 2014 Jeep Cherokee has already caused quite a stir among automotive journalists, as well as the car buying public. While hardly anyone disputes the dated Jeep Liberty was badly in need of an update, not many were expecting its replacement to be such a radical departure from its predecessor in styling and content.

Knowing the hard-core Jeepers would receive the new Euro-sleek Cherokee with a healthy degree of skepticism, Jeep released this video showing a prototype of the new Cherokee Trailhawk traversing off-road trails and doing some bounding over small boulders. Although none of the obstacles or terrain look that harrowing, and certainly nothing that would faze a Wrangler Rubicon, they're a little more rugged than you'd probably want to attempt in a CR-V or RAV4.

Even with this scripted off-road demonstration, in the minds of many Jeep purists, the new Cherokee needs to prove its worthiness to wear the Trail Rated badge. Considering the Cherokee's basic architecture is shared with the Dodge Dart and that Jeep saw the value in retaining a low-range option, we give it a lot of credit and look forward to getting behind the wheel ourselves and hitting the trail. What do you think of the new 2014 Cherokee's off-road ability?