Racing teams, especially ones as large as the Infiniti Red Bull Formula 1 team, deal with a lot of moving parts and logistics, so a fleet of support vehicles is vital to keeping things running smoothly and efficiently. Since Infiniti itself doesn't have any commercial or workhorse vehicles itself, Nissan's light commercial vehicle division stepped up in support of the Infiniti Red Bull F1 team with a worldwide fleet of 70 vehicles, most of which will be the NV200 compact van and the slightly larger NV400.

With the return of F1 racing to the U.S. at Texas' Circuit of the Americas, as well as other venues in North America, you can expect a few NV3500s, Titans and Frontiers to possibly be part of the mix as well. We have a Nissan NV2500 cargo van in our long-term fleet, and are so far impressed with its workhorse versatility. We look forward to putting the forthcoming NV200 compact van to the test as well. The team's 2013 season car, dubbed the RB9 was unveiled in England in February, and debuted on the track in Melbourne, Australia, on March 17.

Source: Nissan