Typically, the word paparazzi is used in a negative connotation, especially if you're a celebrity being stalked at every move. But in this case, photography of the subject was encouraged. This time around, the subject wasn't Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, or Amanda Bynes. It was the latest generation of Volvo's cabover big-rig, the new FM.

The FM started out in Spain, with a trailer advertising the contest, in which observers were encouraged to take a photo and submit it to www.volvotrucks.com/paparazzi to get a chance to travel to Volvo headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, and drive the new truck for themselves. The truck traveled through 18 European nations, including Eastern and Western European nations, with the top photo entry from each country getting earning the sharpshooter a chance to drive the truck.

Among the innovative features on the FM are Volvo's new Dynamic Steering system, which combines an electric motor and hydraulic steering for better resistance to cross-winds, directional stability control and automatic self-centering in reverse. Volvo's I-See system maps and records the topography of a commonly-driven route and optimizes throttle mapping, shifting and braking the next time the route is driven for maximum efficiency.

Source: Volvo Trucks