Once an automotive backwater, China is now the focus of nearly every major automaker in the world, from makers of humble, entry-level compacts all the way up to ultra-premium luxury models. Honda is using the occasion of the 2013 Shanghai auto show to showcase models from both Honda and Acura. Due to Chinese government regulations, all foreign automakers must form an alliance with locally based manufacturers, and Honda is involved with both Guangqi and Dongfeng.

The new Honda model is teased with a silhouette of a model that shows elements of both an SUV and a minivan. Referred to only as the Concept S, the model is described as a "global concept car of a new-value mover developed primarily for the Chinese market." What final form the Concept S will take is unknown, to be revealed on April 20. The lack of door handles on the teaser profile doesn't reveal whether the rear doors are sliders or conventional front-hinged swing-out doors.

The Acura concept has a more distinctive and definitive SUV profile, but its precise scale and market positioning are unknown. The RDX and MDX have already been announced for display in Shanghai, and both are relatively new, with the MDX having just debuted at the New York auto show. Could it be a new entry-level crossover below the RDX, or a new model to slot between the two? Come back on April 20 to find out.

Source: Honda