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Vincent Ojeski
Vincent Ojeski

With all of the confusion surrounding tow ratings between brands, configuration, and testing, J2807 will be welcome to many owners and potential buyers who use these vehicles to tow RV’s, boats, equipment, and other trailers.Since many manufacturers are not interested in adopting the standards, it would be interesting if your publication performed some independent testing of the latest vehicles (and some previous generation models) to the new SAE J2807 standard.I would bet some of your sister magazine readers would also be interested in the results.One might even consider a collaboration with RV or recreational boating publications to help spread some of the cost and provide some insight into the result of the new tests.If the manufacturers are not willing to provide new models for testing, some owners might be willing to participate.

There is the risk of reprisal by some of the manufacturers that may also advertise in your publications, but if you kept it unbiased, you might be surprised of the results.

Just a thought.



"Someone who's buying a dualie and doing heavy towing probably know what they're doing" - Ram Trucks communications managerHe said that because if SAE had a standard for HD trucks the tow rating wouldn't be anything close to 30,000 lbs.

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