Honda and Acura debuted two concepts at last weekend's Shanghai Auto Show that ostensibly preview new models for the Chinese market, but could signal a shift in the two brands' styling signature worldwide. The Honda Concept M is a minivan-type vehicle that looks somewhat like a scaled-down Odyssey with a new grille. The Acura Concept SUV-X looks like it could be a glimpse at a future RDX. The SUV segment is one of the fastest-growing in China and many emerging markets, and Honda as well as many other manufacturers want to make sure they have ample product variety in the segment.

Few mechanical details on either model were offered, so we can only guess what will power their eventual series-production equivalents. Both concepts employ extensive LED exterior lighting, as is all the rage in concept cars, and seemingly, in new production Acura models, the new MDX and RLX being examples.

The bold grille design on the Concept M is a major departure from the current Odyssey and other current Honda models, sharing some resemblance with the new Accord plug-in Hybrid. We're not sure if the Concept M previews the next-generation Odyssey or not, but if it does, it would bring some much-needed swagger to the traditionally staid minivan market.

Source: Honda