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Well, 285 hp is respectable for a V6, and so is the 305 lb-ft of torque, but I was thinking with direct injection and 11:1 compression it would be more like 300 hp at least with 4.3 liters. It's really lacking with the Hp, but the torque is good. Not sure it will tow 7200 lbs. I previously owned a 1996 extended cab 6.5" bed Chevy Silverado with the Vortec 350 which had 255 and 335 lb-ft torque and it was rated at only 6500 lbs of towing. So, it sounds high. Looks like Chevy held back to get MPG, which by the way is not listed in this column. Isn't it funny they want are showing you their new trucks, but they still cannot list all the facts for their engine specs and MPGs. Same goes for RAM and the Hemi 8speed and no MPGs for standard 1/2 tons. RAM will definitely sell more trucks than Chevy this year, especially when the diesel comes out this fall. Goodbye Government Motors.

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