If you're in the skilled trades field, or simply pride yourself on having an impressive collection of power tools, Ram Trucks is giving you a chance to win a set of Bosch power tools valued as high as $15,000 in its Tools for the Job Blog Search contest.

Entry into the contest is fairly simple. In a series of six blogs, the "secret" word is bolded, capitalized, and hyperlinked. All the words together make up the "secret" phrase. Each of the words is hyperlinked to the next blog with the keyword. When you put them all together, that makes you eligible to enter the contest, not an automatic windfall of power tools, unfortunately.

The contest runs through June 23, 2013. The first blog explaining the contest, and links to the subsequent blogs and official contest rules can be found on the Ram Zone Blog, which will give you a better idea of how the contest works than we can explain here. Unfortunately, if you're the spouse or family member of a Chrysler employee or other companies involved in the contest, you're not eligible, but that still leaves a lot of us who are.

Source: Chrysler