Advertising campaigns for new models are high-stakes, high-pressure collaborations between corporate brands and their respective agencies. While the models themselves ultimately sink or swim on the inherent merits of the product itself, a memorable campaign or spot can have a lasting impact on consumers and potential buyers. With the launch spot for the 2014 Acura MDX , Acura, and its ad agency Mullen, pull on our emotive, humanistic heartstrings to try to capture the essence of the brand's new flagship SUV.

The spot starts with the line "Man is a determined creature" with the word "man" used in the general sense of mankind. Soothing, slow-tempo, new-age piano music plays in the background, as a female narrator says, "There's an inherent calling to seek, push, improve, transcend. It's a perpetual process, a necessity of the human spirit, that inspired our own evolution. If your quest is to build the world's smartest luxury SUV for mankind, you must hold yourself to the standard of mankind."

While the symbolism, imagery, and benchmark may seem a bit lofty for the introduction of a new car, we can appreciate an ad that doesn't scream in your face, litter the screen with hashtags, or involve pyrotechnics, skateboarding dogs, or tattooed hipsters. Watch Acura's new "Made for Mankind" spot for the 2014 MDX below.

Source: Acura