Last week, we brought you cladded photos of upcoming Automoblox models. While the toy cars had vaguely truck- and SUV-shaped profiles, we weren't exactly sure what the final products were going to look like. Well, the wait is now over. Automoblox has unveiled its emergency line of vehicles, which includes a police truck, a fire rescue truck, and a fire captain's SUV.

According to Automoblox's Facebook page, these models are expected to be available in specialty toy stores in early August in the U.S. and internationally a few weeks later. The toys are also available for purchase on Automoblox's website. Exact pricing has not been announced for these models, but based on similar products on the company's website, the models should cost around $50.

Much like real cars, the Automoblox toys are put through some of their own torture tests to assure they stand up to the rigorous play that children will undoubtedly put them through. The wheels are made of durable polycarbonate plastic, the cars were tested for 10 repeated drops from 7 feet onto their wheels, and are tested for up to 50 pounds of downward force applied to the top of them. The cars' wooden bodies are precision milled by CNC machines for consistent quality.

These are due to go on sale August 5th at and select specialty toys stores.

Source: Automoblox