The two-horse race for SUV sales supremacy continues between Ford and Honda, with the Escape taking the title for the second consecutive month for June. Overall, first through fifth place on June's list are unchanged from May, with the Equinox keeping its reliable third-place spot, followed by the Toyota RAV4 and, once again, the Nissan Rogue in fifth.

Beyond that, in the midsize segment, the Jeep Grand Cherokee once again took the top spot in the midsize segment, more than 1000 units ahead of the Ford Explorer. The Edge two-row midsize crossover maintains its ninth-place spot, but a newcomer to the top 10 list this month is the Subaru Outback, only included on this list for its honorary designation as being our 2010 SUV of the Year, with many considering it more of a wagon than an SUV.

Ford Escape – 28,694, Up 0.7 Percent The Escape hangs on to its number-one spot for the second month in a row, although its year-over-year gain was less than one percent. From a volume standpoint, Ford's entry crossover sold more than 2000 units more than Honda.

Honda CR-V – 26,572, Up 14.1 Percent The basic, practical CR-V, with a fanatical fan base of loyal owners, continues to keep the CR-V among the top sellers in SUVs. June showed a 14.1-percent year-over-year gain. Offered with just a single powertrain, a few basic trim levels and option packages, and available all-wheel drive, the CR-V's simplicity doesn't seem to have affected its popularity.

Chevrolet Equinox – 23,645, Up 13.7 Percent Once again, the Equinox takes its reliable spot in third place. Larger than the Escape and CR-V, and particularly noted for its stretch-out second-row legroom, the Equinox is the perfect fit for many customers, with the availability of muscular 301-hp V-6 power, or 182-hp I-4 economy.

Toyota RAV4 – 20,540, Up 35.8 Percent It looks like Kaley Cuoco's genie magic is rubbing off on the RAV4's sales numbers. After a lukewarm 8 percent gain in May, sales are up a big 35.8 percent in June, although total comparable sales volume to last month is essentially unchanged. The RAV4 dropped its V-6 option for 2013, but that doesn't seem to have hurt its sales.

Jeep Grand Cherokee – 16,626, Up 33 Percent The 2014s have made their way to Jeep showrooms and into customer hands, and the updates to the model for 2014 seem to have struck a positive chord with customers. An eight-speed automatic is now standard across the board, and with the EcoDiesel coming down the pike shortly, expect sales to stay strong through the end of the year.

Jeep Wrangler – 16,165, Up 12 Percent The original SUV still sells in significant numbers, with the choice of short or long-wheelbase, two- or four-door, and a variety of rugged trim levels keeping the Wrangler popular with customers. A significant update is expected for 2015, with possible optional diesel power. .

Ford Explorer – 15,588, Up 11.2 Percent Ford's midsize standard-bearer, which at one time ruled the SUV kingdom, still sells in respectable numbers, but has clearly ceded its sales dominance to its little brother. The Explorer's size, comfort, and capability keep it popular with customers shopping in the midsize SUV market.

Nissan Rogue – 15,518, Up 41.1 Percent Once again, the Nissan Rogue posts a respectable showing in June, up a solid 41.1 percent. Some significant updates are expected for 2014, with its overseas cousin, the Qashqai, getting some major changes for the next model year. Improved efficiency is expected to be one of the major themes of the refresh.

Ford Edge – 13,579, Up 32.4 Percent Ford's midsize two-row crossover has found success where others have not, outselling both the Toyota Venza and Nissan Murano by a four-to-one margin. A styling update is expected in 2014, leaked in an investor's report . However, it's unknown if the new-look Edge will be labeled a 2014 or 2015 model.

Subaru Outback – 12,210, Up 31.9 Percent Some may be asking why a "wagon" is on this list, but the Outback earned the honorary designation of SUV by winning our SUV of the Year award in 2010. It knocked off both the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander to get this month's tenth-place spot.