General Motors is pulling out all the stops on the launch of its new 2014 full-size trucks , and the latest installment in the rollout, could not be more packed with symbolism and significance. First of all, the campaign starts in the largest pickup market in the U.S., Texas and the TV ad campaign starts on July 4. Feeling hungry for hot dogs, baseball, and apple pie yet? Chevrolet is taking things a step further by showing the truck at NASCAR races, music venues, sporting events, and a partnership with the National Volunteer Fire Council.

The campaign's anthem, "Strong," was written by Grammy-nominated country music artist Will Hoge. As if the effort weren't already loaded enough with patriotic symbolism, the lyrics of the song drive home the core attributes of the new Silverado: "Everybody knows he ain't just tough, he's strong. He'll pick you up, won't let you down. Rock-solid inside out."

Whether "Strong" will have the same staying power as "Like a Rock" remains to be seen, with that memorable tagline used for 12 years, one of the longest-running ad campaigns in the brand's history.