If you hadn't noticed lately, the SUV market is hotter than ever, but the sales and development activity is no longer primarily with the mid- and full-size models. Most of the action has been and is projected to be in the C-segment and smaller crossover niches.

Volkswagen already has a C-size crossover in the form of the Tiguan , but the company is looking to go a size smaller, and also make the smaller model available in the U.S. In addition to the new B-size crossover, Volkswagen will also reportedly bring the subcompact Polo hatch and sedan to the U.S. market.

In a demonstration of the flexibility of the new MQB platform, the new B-segment crossover will be built on that chassis, a variation of which will also underpin the three-row midsize model previewed by the CrossBlue concept . The closest product VW currently offers in its global portfolio to this future model is the CrossPolo sold in Europe.

Specific drivetrain details are unknown at this point, but could include a small-displacement GDI turbo, possibly a three-cylinder, a TDI diesel, and a hybrid. A full-electric version of the Polo is expected, but it's unlikely the crossover will be offered in full-EV trim.

Source: Motor Trend