Whether you're a fan of commercialization and product placement in media and entertainment or not, it's here to stay, and it's only going to get more prominent. Following GMC's "Official Vehicle of the NFL" status, virtual representations of GMC vehicles will be featured in the 25th Anniversary edition of EA Sports' "Madden NFL."

GMC vehicles will be featured in the game's Super Bowl victory celebration, where the game's MVP will be awarded a vehicle, just as in real-life Super Bowl games. GMC is also an in-game sponsor of the "Never Say Never Moment of the Week" and the "Professional Grade Player" fantasy league through the additional purchase of Madden Ultimate Team packs.

Not surprisingly, the 2014 GMC Sierra will be the star player in the game, but Yukon, Acadia, and Terrain models will be represented as well. Adding to the realism of the game, GMC designers shared the same CAD design files used in the development of the actual vehicles with Electronic Arts' game developers, giving the vehicles in the game lifelike realism.

Such a partnership seems like it would make for a perfect contest, and so it has, with an online sweepstakes running from now until August 1, 2013, in which "Madden NFL" fans will have a chance to win tickets to EA Sports Tiburon Studio in Orlando, Florida, where they'll spend a day meeting with the game's programmers and testing the game before its public release. Naturally, they'll be driven around in a 2014 GMC Sierra. Contest details and entry can be found at www.gmcmadden.com/NFL.

Source: General Motors