Tightening diesel emissions standards for Class 8 trucks that were phased in between 2007 and 2010 practically mandated the use of urea aftertreatment to meet the dramatically lower NOx standards that were put into effect. Naturally, heavy truck owners and operators griped about the imposition, but grudgingly complied.

Early on in the process, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) was not always available at the pump at truck stops. But today, Love's Travel Centers has announced the availability of DEF at the pump at all of its 245 stops nationwide. Love's started the process of installing DEF pumps at their fueling islands in 2011, and completed its nationwide rollout this month. The company claims it is the first among nationwide truck stop chains to have DEF fill pumps at all locations.

To further expedite the process for truckers, Love's offers a billing card or RFID tag drivers can use to activate the DEF pumps, and get back on the road quickly. The DEF sold at the pump is lower-priced than DEF sold in containers, which Love's also sells. Drivers can check DEF prices at Love's stops with the store's mobile app or on the Love's website.

Source: Love's Travel Stops