Over the last few years, Chrysler has been relentless with its improvements to its Ram truck line. The 2013 model year brought a comprehensive refresh of the 1500 models, which received a substantial update just two model years earlier in 2011, only to be followed by the addition of the EcoDiesel half-ton diesel for the 2014 model year. The new model year is also bringing some major changes to the HD line, with the addition of a coil-spring rear suspension, and a larger optional 6.4-liter Hemi V-8.

Ram chief engineering Mike Cairns points out some of the functional benefits of these improvements in this new video. Starting under the hood, Cairns explains how the addition of Chrysler's MDS cylinder-deactivation system allows the 6.4 to get better fuel economy than the previous 5.7, while the higher torque output of the engine enables a slightly taller axle ratio, for more relaxed highway driving, as well as reduced fuel consumption.

Around back, Cairns explains how the rear five-link coil spring suspension allows for more precise rear axle location, as well as a smoother ride compared to the more conventional leaf spring design, with no sacrifice in towing or payload relative to competitors. Check out the video below for all the tech specs.

Source: Chrysler