With a whopping 60,449 vehicles sold in July of 2013, a jump of 22.6% from 2012, the Ford F-Series easily holds on to its top spot for yet another month. However, the Blue Ovals already-impressive growth rate was handily eclipsed by both of its cross-town rivals.

Thanks to a combination of the new 2014 models and steep discounts on 2013, the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra posted gains of 45.2% and 49.3%, respectively, with final totals for the month being 42,080 for the Silverado and 16,582 for the Sierra. Yet, despite that heavy growth, the F-Series continues to exceed even GM's combined sales, which add up to 58,662.

Ram and Toyota also had a bumper month. Ram moved 31,314 trucks in July, a 31% improvement over 2012, and Toyota moved 13,882 Tundras -- 22.3% more. Only the long-neglected Titan posted a drop among fullsize trucks, plummeting 42.4% to a mere 1168 sold.

In the two-man midsize truck field, Toyota's Tacoma once again came out ahead of Nissan's Frontier. Tacoma sales grew by 7% to 9820 while Frontier sales were virtually flat, growing by just 0.1% to 5615 (only 4 more than 2012).