Driving across the United States today is no big deal. Take your choice of Interstates, set the cruise control at 75 mph, slurp your Big Gulp, and turn the satellite radio up loud enough to keep yourself awake. It's been done thousands, if not millions, of times over. But few have attempted a coast-to-coast trek almost entirely avoiding paved roads. Some would say only masochists or dedicated Luddites would try such a feat. Land Rover purposefully chose to avoid the blacktop in its Land Rover Expedition America trip, which will go from Asheville, North Carolina, home of the Land Rover Experience School, with the ultimate destination being Port Orford, Oregon.

Leading the team will be Tom Collins, Land Rover driving instructor. The plan is to cover the almost coast-to-coast distance of over 5000 miles in 30 days in three nearly stock 2013 Land Rover LR4s. The goal of covering 200-230 miles per day with a projected average speed of 20 mph will be a challenge, admits Collins. The expedition kicked off in late July, and as of August 12, is in Colorado, the approximate halfway point for the expedition.

As expected for a mid-summer trip through various climates, elevations, and topographies, the team has experienced everything from triple-digit heat to thunderstorms and flooded roads, but remains undaunted in its quest. You can follow the adventure of Land Rover Expedition America at http://blog.interactivelandrover.com.

Source: Land Rover