Customers like Floyd Pullin of Confluence, Pennsylvania, are the type companies treasure. A life-long Ford loyalist, Pullin recently purchased his 16th Ford, a 2013 F-150 STX. That kind of loyalty is not unheard of, but not many customers buy a brand-new vehicle at the age of 102. To recognize Pullin's brand loyalty, Ford named him honorary Ford Trucks President for a Day.

The festivities were hosted at Thurby Riverside Ford in Confluence, southeast of Pittsburgh. Family and friends of Pullin were on hand to help him celebrate the event, as was Pennsylvania state senator Rich Kasunic, with an official proclamation from the Pennsylvania senate.

In addition to the birthday festivities at the dealership, the Ford Motor Company put together a happy birthday video from the employees of the Dearborn truck plant, which produces the F-150, wishing Pullin a happy 102nd, and thanking him for his loyalty to the Ford Brand. You can watch the video below.

Source: Ford