For many years, Ford's motto was "Quality Is Job 1," and thanks to some new high-tech tools, the paint quality on the 2014 Ford F-150 is the best it's ever been. Following the implementation of 3-D image mapping technology to improve quality on axles, Ford is employing a similar technology and process to reduce potential blemishes on the F-150's paint.

The digital imaging system in place at the Dearborn Truck Assembly's paint shop analyzes more than 3000 images in 15 seconds to identify dirt particles smaller than a grain of salt. After the scan, the system alerts paint shop workers where the finish needs to be buffed out. Prior to the implementation of the digital scanning system, paint finish inspections were based solely on the visual scan by a paint shop employee.

Dearborn Truck is one of three Ford plants globally where the system is already in place. Louisville Truck in Kentucky, where the Super Duty models are made also utilize the process. It will be introduced at three more plants before the end of the year, and will be implemented at more plants worldwide in 2014.

Source: Ford