We reported earlier this month about the Land Rover Expedition America group crossing the halfway point of its journey in Colorado in three 2013 Land Rover LR4 SUVs. The group's original goal was to cover as much of the route as possible on off-road trails in 30 days. On August 21, the group completed the trek three days ahead of schedule, arriving at Port Orford, Oregon.

Taking the road less traveled, so to speak, resulted in some setbacks that wouldn't typically impede interstate driving, such as flash flooding in New Mexico and forest fires in Oregon, near the end of the journey.

The nearly stock 2013 LR4 SUVs performed flawlessly during the journey, with the only modifications over stock being dealer-installed winches and roof racks. The only repairs needed along the way were tire punctures from jagged rocks.

The group made the trek in the practically stock SUVs to prove that anyone with a sense of adventure can enjoy the beauty and challenge of America's wilderness, and can do it in the comfort and safety of a Land Rover. The route followed was that of the Trans-America trail, a trail route first made by adventure motorcyclist Sam Correro. The group contacted Correro when they arrived, who was thrilled the group successfully finished the course.

Stay tuned from our own Allyson Harwood's first-hand account of the last leg of the journey!

Source: Land Rover