Earlier this year, we reported on the National Insurance Crime Bureau's report on the most-stolen SUVs, which was topped by the Ford Escape and Chevrolet Tahoe. The organization has now released a more detailed report of its top 10 most-stolen vehicles for 2012. Three out of the top 10 most-stolen vehicles on the list were the full-size truck models from Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge, respectively.

The overall top 10 list does not break down the numbers by specific model year, but the bureau did break out the most-stolen 2012 model year vehicles, and the Ford F-Series once again showed up on the list, placing sixth overall, between the Ford Fusion in fifth place and the Ford Focus compact in seventh. Neither the Ram pickup or Chevrolet Silverado made the top-10 cut of most-stolen 2012 models.

Although vehicle theft is never a good or pleasant thing, there has been a massive reduction in overall vehicle thefts over the past 20 years, with thefts plunging from a peak of 1,661,738 in 1991 to just 724,672 for 2012. The organization recommends common-sense steps to reduce vehicle thefts, including locking your vehicle (duh), an audible warning alarm, an immobilizing device, or a GPS tracking device, which can determine the location of your vehicle by mobile device or computer.

Most-Stolen Vehicles, 2012
1. Honda Accord 58,596
2. Honda Civic 47,037
3. Ford F-Series 26,770
4. Chevrolet Silverado, C/K 23,745
5. Toyota Camry 16,251
6. Dodge Caravan 11,799
7. Dodge/Ram Truck (full-size) 11,755
8. Acura Integra 9555
9. Nissan Altima 9169
10. Nissan Maxima 6947
Most-Stolen 2012 Model-Year Vehicles
1. Nissan Altima 921
2. Chevrolet Impala 778
3. Chevrolet Malibu 727
4. Toyota Camry 665
5. Ford Fusion 655
6. Ford F-Series 595
7. Ford Focus 523
8. Chrysler 200 449
9. Dodge Charger 416
10. Dodge Avenger 412

Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau