The predominant theme with the launch of the 2014 Range Rover Sport has been action and capability, as the model deliberately targeted to a slightly younger demographic than the stately Range Rover. To engage younger consumers and keep interest up in its new SUV, Land Rover has just launched "Race the Sun," an interactive smartphone app that combines cinematic production and interactive gaming for a unique way to experience the new Range Rover Sport.

The teaser video starts off with a dignified gentleman making a mobile phone call, and saying, "It's your move. You have until sundown to make it." On the receiving end, a young man rock climbing quickly rappels up the face and gets into his Range Rover Sport. Along the way, he's confronted with congested traffic. What better way to showcase the 2014 Range Rover Sport's off-road capabilities than going off the beaten asphalt path?

Out on an open desert highway, the driver then encounters an old pickup with a load of used tires. The driver of the truck then deliberately drops the tailgate to create some obstructions for our protagonist. As the sun starts to set, the gentleman looks out the window to see it, just as the main character pulls in to make his move. The adventure ends with a configurator for the 2014 Range Rover Sport. You can watch the teaser video below, and play the game at