Chrysler has enjoyed many successes over the past few years, and the Jeep brand especially has been a bright spot in the company's recent performance. But Chrysler is expecting much more upside growth from its SUV brand. How much? According to a report from the Toledo Blade, output from the Toledo complex will nearly double between now and the end of 2014. The plant built 275,000 vehicles last year, and the target for 2014 is a staggering 506,000 units.

To put that in perspective, to meet Chrysler's global sales target of 2.8 million, the 500,000 unit output from Toledo alone would represent nearly 18 percent of Chrysler's worldwide production. Production of the 2014 Cherokee is finally on schedule, and vehicles are shipping to dealers after repeated delays to fine-tune the calibration of the Cherokee's nine-speed automatic transmission.

The Cherokee will be built in China for that market, but the bulk of global Cherokee output is still expected to come from Toledo, as is the iconic Wrangler, which continues to be one of the Jeep brand's best-selling models, trailing only the Grand Cherokee. Expectations for the 2014 Cherokee are high, with predictions that it will become the brand's highest-volume seller in short order, in both the U.S and global markets.

Source: Toledo Blade