About the only thing missing from this scenario is afternoon tea or a pint of Newcastle at the pub. Two icons of British engineering, the 1945 Supermarine Spitfire and the 2014 Range Rover Sport , face off at that also quintessentially British locale, the Goodwood estate, best known among gearheads for the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Why would Land Rover want to take on this World War II-era legend of the skies? No reason in particular, but looking at the guiding principles of FortyOneSix, the organization that coordinated the face-off, their simply stated philosophy works as good as any: "FortyOneSix is about Speed. Speed is anything that relies on an engine."

Flying the Spitfire is pilot Matt Jones, and driving the Range Rover Sport is Jaguar Land Rover's Mike Cross. Although the race is technically "off-road," we're not exactly talking about boulder-hopping on the Rubicon. The course is the precisely manicured grass on the Goodwood estate, a surface that most modern cars could probably manage without incident, but probably not with the amount of speed and control of the Range Rover Sport, bringing 510 hp and computer-controlled all-wheel drive to the table. Which machine wins? Watch the video yourself. The outcome may surprise you.

Source: Land Rover, FortyOneSix.com