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Jean-Pierre White
Jean-Pierre White

The Outlander PHEV wasn't due on the US market until 2015. They have over 6 months to provide the legislated feature. They can't do this is with over 6 months to prepare? Where there is a  will there is a way.

My suspicion is that Mitsubishi are unable to meet the demand a US introduction would create. So rather than delay the model due to their inability ti supply, stick the blame on the CA regulators. Make the regulators the bad guys. They seized an opportunity to dodge a bullet of announcing another delay due to their backlog of vehicle orders. A good problem to have.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV should sell very well in the US. They know it and can't meet the challenge in the short term. Nissan built factories in the US and England to meet local demand. Couldn't Mitsubishi do the same? Apparently not.

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