A few days ago, we showed a sheet-draped tease of a future Nissan truck showing LED driving lights and a roof rack. At first, it wasn't clear whether it was the new Frontier or Titan, but the general consensus was leaning toward the Frontier. The latest YouTube video released by Nissan all but confirms it's the Frontier (or Navara, as it's known globally). How are we so sure? The durability benchmarks for the trucks are given in kilometers, and the temperature readings shown on-screen are in Celsius, meaning this vehicle was primarily developed and tested overseas. The Titan is an almost exclusively North American product, with the United States accounting for the bulk of that market.

Yes, it's true that metric measurements are the effective international scientific and engineering standard. However, if a vehicle is being primarily marketed to an American audience, km/h and degrees Celsius have little to no comprehension to most of the American public.

We're intrigued to see what the differences will be between the North American Frontier and the international Navara. The current-generation Frontier/Navara look almost identical outwardly, but differ in a few key areas. We had a chance to drive a turbodiesel Navara at last year's Nissan 360 event and came away very enthused about the possibility of a turbodiesel in a smaller truck. However, the truck had rear drum brakes and slightly more basic interior trim.

Nissan already has some well-proven diesel engines used in international markets, so it remains to be seen whether the 2.8L Cummins I-4 shown in the Diesel Runner concept will be a North American exclusive or whether it will be offered internationally. Although Cummins is thought of as a quintessentially American company, it has substantial international operations, and its possible a Cummins diesel could also be used in the global Navara.

Source: Nissan