High-speed chases through residential neighborhoods are nearly a weekly occurrence if you live in Southern California, but in many other areas of the country, they're relatively rare. But whenever they happen, they can be extremely dangerous for pedestrians, children, or other drivers, especially when the driver in question is an inexperienced and unpredictable 14-year-old. The underage suspect went on a rampage in the Salt Lake City, Utah suburb of Syracuse, having no regard for unpaved or off-road areas, going over grass, walkways, and other unauthorized paths getting his jollies out of his grandfather's stolen Hyundai Veloster.

Thankfully, watchful Syracuse resident Bryson Rowley took matters into his own hands with his Ram Mega Cab, intercepting the scofflaw on a residential street, and running his Ram head-on into the subcompact. Reportedly, neither driver was seriously injured, although the Hyundai obviously took the bigger brunt of the impact than the Ram.

To show its appreciation for Rowley's responsible citizenship, Idaho-based custom bumper manufacturer Fusion Bumpers is sending out a new replacement bumper to Rowley to replace the unit damaged in the interception of the Hyundai.

"We saw the story on Facebook, and that's what led us to him," said Johnny Ramirez, owner of Fusion Bumpers. “’Diesel’ Dave of DieselSellerz is personal friend of mine, we do a little bit of business together. We just decided it would be the right thing to do to give him a new bumper."

You can watch the news report of Rowley's Ram taking on the Veloster below.