When Land Rover's Range Rover Evoque first debuted, it had its share of skeptics with its lack of a true low range and its transverse powertrain. Despite the lack of traditional off-road hardware, Land Rover is determined to prove that the Evoque is a legitimate Land Rover and capable in compromised terrain. To demonstrate the Evoque's capabilities to the Chinese market, it staged a stunt in a Shanghai skate park, getting the compact SUV up on three wheels as it descended into the concrete tunnel.

A female Chinese journalist donned a helmet and appeared terrified as a professional driver slowly eased the Evoque down into the tunnel on three wheels almost the entire time. Although the vehicle probably never exceeded 2 mph, the passenger probably had the thrill ride of her life, as the Evoque was pointed in angles it will rarely, if ever, see in real-world use.

Although not the rugged desert or jungle terrain we're typically used to seeing Land Rover products, it does show the sophistication of the vehicle's stability control. Do you think this was a successful demonstration of the Evoque's capabilities, or would a higher-speed, more rugged stunt been a more impressive showcase of the junior Rover's prowess?

Source: Land Rover