Nissan has already teased us with social media photos and YouTube videos of its new midsize truck. We noted the use of metric measurements in the YouTube video suggesting that the reveal will be the global midsize Navara model. As with the current Nissan Frontier and global Navara truck, the two models share many similarities but have market-specific differences.

Exactly how similar or different the new Navara and next-generation Frontier will be is unknown, but based on the two latest YouTube videos released by Nissan, the interior for the new truck will make a huge transition away from the angular plasticky design of the current model to a radically more refined, car-like design reminiscent of the Pathfinder crossover and Nissan's car models. Features include available push-button ignition, which would make the Frontier the first vehicle in its class, at least in North America, to offer this option.

One of the biggest differences between the current global Navara and North American Frontier is engine availability. The majority of Navara models are equipped with a turbodiesel engine, with the 2.5L I-4 turbodiesel being the bread-and-butter engine for most models, with a limited number getting the Renault-engineered 3.0L V-6 turbodiesel. The 4.0L gas V-6 used in most Frontier models is only offered in certain markets where the Navara is sold, such as Australia.

The new Frontier is expected to launch with a naturally aspirated I-4 and V-6. It may retain its current 4.0L displacement or downsize to 3.5L. The automatic transmission is expected to add two more ratios to make it a seven-speed unit for improved fuel economy. Of course, the big announcement everyone is waiting to hear is if the North American Frontier will have the 2.8L Cummins I-4 turbodiesel first teased in the Frontier Diesel Runner concept. The global Navara is expected to retain some version of the 2.5L I-4 diesel. Check back in two days for the official reveal of the new truck.

Source: Nissan