Dual-clutch transmissions have been out in cars for several years now, with the best-known examples being from the Volkswagen Group in the form of the DSG and Porsche's PDK. Those of us that have had experience driving them can attest to their nearly imperceptible shifts and seamless acceleration. Those advantages will soon be available to heavy-truck drivers in Europe in the new Volvo FH truck. The Volvo I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission will be available on the FH truck starting in fall 2014, mated to Volvo's 13-liter D13 engines.

With conventional manual transmission or automated-manual transmissions in heavy-duty trucks, there's a perceptible decrease in power and acceleration between gears..With the I-Shift Dual clutch, acceleration is uninterrupted, and torque output to the wheels is consistent, with almost imperceptible gearshifts, except for a change in engine RPM.

For the time being, the I-Shift Dual Clutch has only been officially announced for the FH, Volvo's cabover flagship model, not sold in North America. However, Volvo Trucks’ U.S. spokesperson Brandon Borgna said in an emailed statement, "We continue to evaluate the technologies in Volvo's global portfolio to determine which make sense for our conventional products and customer needs in North America." Volvo Trucks currently offers the non-dual-clutch I-Shift in its U.S. models, making the possibility of the I-Shift Dual Clutch being offered in the U.S.-spec Volvo Trucks a possibility sometime down the road.

Source: Volvo Trucks