Automotive partnerships come and go. Some have lasted longer than others, with some particularly long-lived examples being Chrysler and Mitsubishi, Ford and Mazda, and General Motors and Toyota. But for each of those examples, the companies ultimately parted ways. One of the most successful collaborations in recent memory, now officially going back a quarter-century, is that between Chrysler and Cummins. For the second year in a row, Chrysler recognized Cummins as one of its suppliers of the year at a ceremony in Auburn Hills, Michigan, with Cummins being recognized as Powertrain Supplier of the Year and Technical Cost Reduction Supplier of the Year.

While there were diesel trucks on the market before the 1989 Dodge Ram Cummins, none of them had the performance and capability that model had. In the decades since its introduction, Cummins' offerings in the Ram truck lineup have only gotten more powerful and capable, culminating in the 385hp, 850 lb-ft 6.7L engine in the 2013 Ram 3500. Although Cummins recently announced a partnership with Nissan to supply the next-generation Titan with an optional V-8 diesel, its relationship with Chrysler seems as strong as ever.

Cummins also received two Supplier of the Year awards in 2011 for its efforts in sustainability and diversity.

Source: Cummins