One of the hottest trends of the past year has been development and discussion of self-driving technology, with nearly all the major automotive manufacturers experimenting with it and even tech giant Google rolling out a low-speed, control-less prototype car to demonstrate the potential of autonomous urban mobility. But Daimler is intent on bringing self-driving technology to the heavy-duty truck class and recently showcased a prototype of its self-driving technology applied on a Mercedes-Benz Actros truck in Germany. The company is aiming to have the technology available on production models as soon as 2025.

Daimler is calling its self-driving technology Highway Pilot, which at this stage, enables autonomous driving at speeds up to 55 mph. The driver can override the self-driving system and take back control at any time. At this point in development, the system cannot change lanes and pass vehicles, although that capability is in the works. The company says it will be ready to introduce the technology as soon as the appropriate legal frameworks are in place in Europe and the U.S.

No specific price point was given for the self-driving technology, since its production target is still a decade away. Unlike Tesla and its free-for-all patent bonanza, Daimler intends on keeping the technology proprietary, with Daimler Trucks CEO Wolfgang Bernhard telling Bloomberg "we will keep the technological leap and savor it."

Source: Daimler Trucks, Bloomberg