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Robert H
Robert H

How are you guys feeling since Ford announced their SAE J2807 rating?

I have a RAM 1500 outside... but I also have common sense and I'm sure you guys do too, so use it. You should've never even considered a RAM 3500 to be more capable than an F-450. While the RAM 3500 does in fact tow more than the RAM 4500, Ford doesn't work that way.


If they're really comparing Ford's new towing #s versus Ram, why not show what the F-350 is rated at? Or, why not show how the current trucks rate against the new standards? Until they do either, I'm calling malarky on all of it! Proven facts:

GM 1500 twins can tow 12,000lbs

Ram 3500 can tow 30,000lbs

Tundra isn't worth it's advertising

Ford is still blowing F-'n smoke


@'RangoRunner They only made the F-450 match the Class 3 by removing the spare tire, jack, center console, and radio. If you put all those back in the truck would be rated a Class 4 by it's weight class. Ford's cheating the system by removing those items and claiming that the truck is in the same class as the 3500. They know they are totally outclassed if they compare their F-350 vs the 3500.

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