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To me, it seems obvious that SUVs are popular.  While the author does mention the popularity of mid-size sedans in the past, today's mid-sized are often much smaller than previous mid-sized.  They can't hold six today like the heyday era mid-sizers; yet, SUVs are fairly roomy.  I had as much total room in my old Explorer as a full-sized car had, yet the Explorer was much smaller.  SUVs today offer the room but a bit more cargo flexibility than a minivan.  Some people like to sit high as well.  But it looks like some manufacturers, like Ford, are downsizing their engines for even the largest SUVs, but Chrysler and GM still offer V8s for those who might like performance too.  There are some, though, who like turbos and they can get Ford's V6, but I suspect turbos will have special maintenance requirements on top of Ford's weak powertrain warranty.  Also, SUVs take the place of the station wagons of the past.  While they were frequently larger, they probably weren't as versatile in terms of cargo capacity as the SUVs are today.

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